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School-Related Occupational Performance

Occupational therapy practitioners aim to help students reach their full potential through school-related occupational performance. By addressing the critical components of this area of life, OTs provide skilled services to improve their academic performance and overall well-being. 

School-Related Occupational Performance Addressed During Intervention


  • Assist with adapting assignments

  • Consult with committee in selection of handwriting curriculum

  • Provide strategies to improve work completion

  • Assist with managing/organizing work spaces

Play & Leisure

  • Assist in providing/adapting accessible play environments

  • Assist with leisure interest exploration

  • Work with parents/caregivers to promote after-school leisure participation


  • Provide strategies for self-feeding and approaches to dressing

  • Educate on proper transferring techniques (e.g., wheelchair to toilet)

  • Assist with routine modification/adaptations

  • Provide activities to promote participation in independent living skills.

Social Participation

  • Foster appropriate peer interactions

  • Foster development of friends

  • Assist with social participation attendance/opportunities

  • Provide strategies to reduce stressful school expectations


  • Promote productive occupations during school day

  • Develop programs to foster work skills

  • Assist in involving students in work activities around the school

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Participation in Occupation

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Bazyk, S., et al. (2022). Occupational Therapy's Role as SISPs Under ESSA. (For OT practitioners). ESSA OT Advocacy Network.
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