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Liquid Ripples

Pediatric Mental Health

Multitiered Public Health Model
of School Mental Health

Adapted from O’Brien, J. C., & Kuhaneck, H. (2020). Case-smith’s occupational therapy for children and adolescents. Elsevier.

Similar to RTI, students' mental health needs can be envisioned
within a three-tiered framework

Tier 1

  • Mental health promotion

  • Services geared toward all students

  • Promote positive mental health & prevent mental health problems

  • Create physical/social environments and activities that are enjoyable for all students (e.g., create sensory-friendly contexts, deep breathing activities)

Tier 2

  • Mental health prevention

  • Targeted intervention

  • "Some" students

  • Services geared toward students at risk of mental health or behavior problems

  • Assist students that are generally not identified as needing special education

Tier 3

  • Intensive individualized interventions

  • Interventions to address behaviors or mental health challenges that are disruptive or prevent learning

  • Under the leadership of professionals with a background in mental health intervention (e.g., occupational therapists, school psychologists, school nurses)

Building Capacity of School Personnel to Promote Positive Mental Health in Children and Youth

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