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Welcome to SBOT Resources!


A One-Stop Shop of

Educational Resources

for School-Based

Occupational Therapy

Students & Practitioners 

Our Role


Performing assessments to identify deficits in visual, motor, cognitive, sensory, and organizational skills related to academic participation or affecting success of students


Providing consultation, recommendations and/or training to teachers and parents to support students in their education


Providing direct and indirect services to improve participation in the classroom, success in their academic career, increase independence in daily life skills for school and life transitions



Offering activity/environement analysis to create conducive environment to facilitate learning for all students

Kid Painting


Occupational therapists use evidence-based interventions to support students in their academic careers. They recommend strategies and adaptive equipment to increase students' participation in the classroom and independence in daily life skills. They offer holistic services while working with a multidisciplinary team to meet the individualized goals of each student.

Would you like to participate in our survey research?

What's the study's purpose?

The purpose of this study is to explore the students’/occupational therapy practitioners’ perception regarding their readiness for fieldwork or a career in school-based practice before and after using the Educational Resource website.


Who can participate?

If you are an occupational therapist interested in transitioning to a school-based setting or an occupational therapy student, click on the following links:​

About Me

My name is Caroline Soliman

I am currently in the last semester of my doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy. I am working on my capstone project that focuses on building an educational resource for students and pediatric occupational therapists interested in school-based practice. I hope you find this tool helpful during fieldwork or career as a school-based occupational therapist. 

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